Quete Of The Month

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
"Una chica debe ser dos cosas: clásica y fabulosa"


The Best of 2008

Bueno mañana es el último día del 2008, a si que que tal si repasamos lo mejor de el...
Estos son, en mi opiniom, la personas que han aportado más estilo al año. ¿Que os parece a vosotros? Si creeis que falta alguien o sobra, ya sabeis que hacer.

Most Elegant woman: Diane Kruger
Fashionistas: Mk - Ashley Olsen
Mum with Style: Nicole Richie
Style-Revelation: Anne Hethaway
Most elegant man: Patrick Dempsey
Model of the Year: Miranda Kerr
New Lolita: Taylor Momsen
Movie of the Year: Sex and the city
TV-Show: Gossip Girl
Gues Starring: Willa Holland
Reality-Show: The City
Book: Influence

Well tomorrow it will be the last day of the year, so I thought it would be a good idea reviewing the best of it... These are, in my opiniom, the people who have contributed over the year on our style, if you think someone is missing or someone should't be there, you know what to do, leave a comment.

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