Quete Of The Month

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
"Una chica debe ser dos cosas: clásica y fabulosa"



Bueno es bastante tarde y estoy cansada, pero queria escribir algo en el blog y poner algunas fotos de algunos looks, basicamente son looks de calle que me voy encontrardo por internet y que me inspiran para mis conjuntos de dia a dia, espero q os gusten.

Well, is quite late and I'm so tired, but I wanted to writte something down and put some pictures of some outfit that inspiring me for dressing myself up day by bay. Hope you like.

P.D: Las fotos son sacadas de internet, si alguna es tuya o sabes de quien es, contacta con migo para dar tu nombre y tu pagina web o para retirarla si es lo que quieres.
P.S: These pictures have been taken from Internet, so if any of it are yours or you know who's belong to, please let me know and I will give you credit or I'll removed it if that's what you whant.

2 comentarios:

Shannon dijo...

I really like that blueish kind of dress...its cute.
Also, even though i don't sometimes know what you're saying, it's a cute blog. =)

Nessa84 dijo...

Hahaha, thank you!!! and yes, well, sorry My english is not so good, but my teacher says that if I keep writting, reading and talkin one day I'll be able to speak it properly, hihi. Kss!!!